“I just want to win” – Man Utd £290,000 a-week star wants to claim silverware this season

By | April 19, 2021

Man Utd midfielder Paul Pogba claims that they have to win a silverware this season.

The Red Devils boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has previously said that his teams progress under him should not be judged on whether he wins tittle or not.

However, Pogba, who was a World Cup winner in 2018 with France, takes a different view and believes that his team have to deliver trophy to fans this season.

They are in the semi-finals of the Europa League, and eight points separating from the Premier League leaders Manchester City.

“Personally I miss it a lot and feel like I miss something,” Pogba told Sky Sports. “We have to win something.

“I just want to win something; I don’t like to play and not win.

“I’m a bad loser, I will always be a bad loser, so every time I play, I want to win. Personally, we want it very bad.

“I think we are getting closer and closer – there is improvement I would say.

“When I say improvement, this club has such big goals and objectives we want to achieve and that is to win and to have a trophy to hold. That is what we want and that will be the big step.

“I’m happy, we’re there, we’re close. We’re still in the Europa League, we still have something to play for.

“We have the league still, as long as (Manchester) City don’t have the trophy, we’re going to keep working and playing.

“We still have a chance to win something this year so, why not?”