Liverpool key man plans to improve his game

By | December 6, 2018

Liverpool big money signing Virgil van Dijk says he still has a long way to go to reach the level he wants to become a great player – and he is confident that he has room for improvement.

Dutch defender said, via The Daily Mail“I have been working very hard with everyone at Liverpool but it is just about keeping going. I am far away from where I want to be.

“I need to improve on everything. If you saw on Thursday, there are things to improve. That will always be the case. At 27, I am at an age where I can still improve. And I will.”

It shows just how hard Van Dijk works on his game and how determined he is to become a better player. He’s already comfortably one of the best defender Europe, however, he feels he can get even better.

Meanwhile, Liverpool have been in the second place of the Premier League table after the win over Everton and still, there has been a two-point gap with Man City.