Tim Sherwood suggests what Southampton star Nathan Redmond really meant with response to Man City boss Pep Guardiola

By | December 1, 2017

Guardiola was captured on camera addressing Southampton star Redmond enthusiastically at full-time, an incident which had everyone second guessing about what was said during the heated exchange.

The Sun enlisted a lip reader to help get to the bottom of Guardiola’s bizarre antics after his side grabbed a 2-1 win with the last kick of the game in the 95th minute.

Redmond has since taken to social media to clarify what was said between the pair.

The winger revealed Guardiola was complimentary of his ability and willed him to be more positive and play to his attacking instincts.

Redmond says he told Guardiola he was playing to his manager’s instructions.

And speaking as a guest on Sky Sports’ The Debate, Tim Sherwood, suggests what Redmond really meant.

“I think he’s saying ‘You’re a fantastic player, you’re playing in a team that’s played very negatively today, why are you playing like that’,” Sherwood told The Debate.

“And I think Redmond is saying ‘I’m sticking to orders, this is what I was told to do, why don’t you come and get me and I might play on the front foot’.”

While Sherwood made the comments somewhat tongue in cheek, he could well be onto something although quite where Redmond would fit into the Blues’ side is up for debate.

Guardiola’s comments could also be viewed as disrespectful to Saints boss Mauricio Pellegrino, a former teammate of his at Barcelona.

Or perhaps the fact the pair do have history at Barca means their relationship is more open to this kind of insinuation from Guardiola.